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Óxido de Zinc

Commitment to Competitiveness and Consistent Quality

These are Zinc Nacional’s commitments.

Sulfato de Zinc


Zinc Nacional manufactures zinc oxide using two production technologies, the French Process and the American Process.

Óxido de Zinc Planta

Zinc Nacional

Zinc Nacional S.A. is a major recycler and producer of Zinc Compounds in the American Continent. Founded in 1952, our company is dedicated to the production of zinc oxide and zinc sulfate.

Main applications of
Zinc Oxide and Zinc Sulfate.

Zinc Nacional focuses its activity towards a wide range of industrial sectors, providing products and services to meet specific market needs:

Animal Nutrition Animal Nutrition
Agriculture Agriculture
Rubber and Tire Rubber and Tire
Paint Paint
Mining Mining
Ceramics Ceramics
Lubricants Lubricants
Chemical Chemical
Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical