Electric Arc Furnace Recycling.

Committed to sustainability and excellence.

We go beyond the expectations of our clients. We manage your waste responsibly, respecting the environment and contributing to the rational use of natural resources.

We are aware of our environment and the need to take care of it. We seek to improve it continuously and permanently.

At Zinc Nacional we have the best technology available to recover and recycle waste, particularly EAF dust generated by the steel industry (Mini-Mills) and other zinc-bearing by-products.

The management of these residues is performed in compliance with the standards and laws established by the relevant environmental authorities, providing the industry the best choice over any other method of disposal.

Since our foundation, our company has been part of the National Environmental Audit Program, earning the first Clean Industry certificate in 1998.

Zinc Nacional is the best option for recovery and recycling of residues. Choosing to recycle eliminates the liability incurred by the generator, while transforming waste into final products useful to man, for the benefit of society.

Recycling also helps minimize landfill disposal and reduces natural resource extraction, resulting in a true sustainable development.

At Zinc Nacional we work every day to be the best alternative in North America to recycle Electric Arc Furnace Dust.