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Zinc Nacional focuses its activity towards a wide range of industrial sectors, providing products and services to meet specific market needs.

Zinc Oxide (ZnO)

Zinc Nacional produces zinc oxides by two traditional processes, the "French" process (from refined SHG zinc ingots) and the "American" process (from zinc concentrates and industrial by-products). Both operations are certified under the guidelines of ISO 9001:2015. The flexibility provided by having both processes within a single facility allows us to service the full spectrum of customer needs.
Our experienced production team can engineer customized zinc oxide products by modifying physical and chemical characteristics such as purity, particle size, surface area, density, heavy metal content, appearance, granulation, pelletization, flowability and surface treatments.

  • óxido de Zinc
  • ¨Óxido de Zinc 2
  • Óxido de Zinc 3
  • Sulfato de Zinc
  • Sulfato de Zinc 2
  • Sulfato de Zinc 3

Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate (ZnSO4 · H2O)

Due to our competitiveness and consistent quality, Zn Nacional’s zinc sulfate is preferred amongst users in the mining, fertilizer, animal feed and water treatment industries.
We have two grades (pure and high purity) and five physical presentations, (standard powder, dustless powder, minigranular, granular and maxi granular).

Zinc Concentrates

Zinc concentrates produced in our facilities are used as raw material in the production of zinc metal.

  • Productos Óxido de Zinc
  • Productos Óxido de Zinc
  • Productos Óxido de Zinc 2
  • Productos Óxido de Zinc 3

Other Products

Zinc Nacional produces an iron concentrate used by the cement and iron smelting industries, lead sulfate purchased by lead smelters, and a mixed potassium and sodium chloride salt used as a flux in the production of aluminum and as a micronutrient in the animal feed industry.


Zinc Nacional produces specialty papers for manufacturing drywall including Grayback, Ivory and Black. We also manufacture liner paper of different basis weights for various uses, with special emphasis on heavy paper.

  • Productos Sulfato de Zinc
  • Productos Sulfato de Zinc 2
  • Productos Sulfato de Zinc 3
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