Paperboard Mill.

As an integration strategy for making drywall and working with our sister company Panel Rey, Zinc Nacional started operations of a plant dedicated to the manufacture of paper. The plant became operational in 1999 and is recognized by national and international customers.

With a current capacity of 7,000 tons per month, Zinc Nacional is capable of providing paper of excellent quality at competitive prices for national and international markets.

In addition to the specialty papers for making drywall such as Grayback, Ivory, Green and Black, we also manufacture linerboard of different basis weights for several uses with special emphasis on heavy paper.

Environmental Responsibility.

In our paper plant, we manufacture 100 % recycled paper by recycling over 80,000 tons of paper per year, allowing us to protect the environment and save thousands of trees.

We are the only paper plant in Mexico that recycles 100 % of our used water, thus we eliminate water discharges to sewer.

We know the importance of forests and animals inhabiting the world, and we strive every day to help keep our environment in balance. We aim to raise awareness among our staff to operate under the highest environmental and ecological standards.


Paper for Gypsum Board

Our paper for gypsum board (drywall) is without a doubt the best in the market, and our quality allows us to compete in world markets.

Liner board for corrugated boxes

The basis weight of these papers range from 42# to 82#, and the quality and performance allows us to compete in the most demanding markets.

Semi-Kraft Paper

Paper for cores, partitions and edge protectors. The basis weight of our paper ranges from 72# to 130#.