About Zinc Nacional

Zinc Nacional is one of the largest producers of zinc compounds in the world.

It is a 100% Mexican owned company founded in 1952 dedicated to the production of zinc oxide and zinc sulfate.

  • Our location in northeastern Mexico situates us favorably to serve export markets. Our proximity to the United States and major shipping ports in the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean, allow us to take full advantage of water, rail and highway transportation.

  • Currently, our products competitively reach 30 countries, and our quality, service and global pricing policy, position us as leaders in the zinc oxide and sulfate markets. Zinc Nacional is a leading global supplier to the animal feed industry, ceramics, fertilizers, paint, rubber, and chemical industries.

  • Zinc Nacional is part of Grupo Promax, formed by Yesera Monterrey S.A. and Panel Rey S.A. Both participate at national and international levels in the construction, ceramic and agriculture industries, among others.


We provide solutions to society by developing innovative and sustainable processes that recover the value of materials.


To be a global, diversified company valued by customers, suppliers and our community, with a focus on long-term growth.

Our values.


We are committed to continuous improvement and the satisfaction of customer requirements.


We abide and comply with established rules; we work safely and are committed to punctuality, planning, order, and formality. We are prudent with decisions pertaining to the environment and our use of natural resources.

Fighting Spirit:

We have the inner strength that drives us to meet challenges (passion) , and the courage (boldness) to do what it takes when faced with adversity (tenacity); we are proactive and optimistic.


We are committed to protect, above all, the interests of the company and those who work in it .


We perform the entrusted tasks and decide our actions by conviction; we are responsible for these actions, accepting the consequences thereof.


We are outspoken, humble, honest people and friendly towards our neighbors.


We combine our skills, experience, ideas and knowledge with a positive attitude towards our coworkers in order to perform a task or activity efficiently.


We are willing to learn how to perform new or different activities to meet the needs of the company and the marketplace.

Ethics in Zinc Nacional

The key element in our engine to continue moving forward is the ethic, being a reference internally with our employees, clients, suppliers, investors, community and anyone that interacts with Zinc Nacional, inviting them to live our Code of Ethics and Conduct, being consistent with it in our day-to-day actions.