Commitment to Our Community.

Zinc Nacional, takes an active and responsible role with the community.

In Zinc Nacional’s Mission, we have a commitment to: "Be aware of our environment and the need to take care of it, to seek to improve the environment working in a continuous and permanent way, considering our immediate neighbors, achieving a better relationship with the community and the authorities." For this reason, Zinc National has developed work programs aimed at improving life quality of the communities surrounding Zinc Nacional.

National Association for Personal Achievement AC

Helping others overcome, is to help your own improvement.

MISSION:Promote the integral improvement of people based on the belief that only those who constantly develop their human potential can be a builder in their family and their community, contributing to the development of a new and better world.


  • Promote the development and improvement of the individual.
  • Contribute to create a stable family life.
  • Help improve your environment.


  • Each unit consists of leaders, who teach courses to the attendees.
  • Basic Course: 3 years
  • Advanced Course: 2 years
  • Areas: Human Training / Moral Education (Catholic Life) / Skills and workshops

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