Commitment to Our Community.

Zinc Nacional, takes an active and responsible role with the community.

In Zinc Nacional’s Mission, we have a commitment to: "Be aware of our environment and the need to take care of it, to seek to improve the environment working in a continuous and permanent way, considering our immediate neighbors, achieving a better relationship with the community and the authorities." For this reason, Zinc National has developed work programs aimed at improving life quality of the communities surrounding Zinc Nacional.

Formando Emprendedores ABP.

Pequeñ@s Ciudadan@s is an educative platform from Formando Emprendedores, A.B.P. This platform consists of a series of programs directed towards boys and girls in 4th, 5th and 6th grade from public schools. These programs promote and diffuse topics regarding Culture of Lawfulness, children and adolescent rights, and infant citizen participation.


To teach and promote Culture of Lawfulness and infant citizen participation in boys and by implementing programs imparted by volunteers.


To implement in the year 2020 the Pequeñ@s Ciudadan@s program in elementary schools in Mexico´s Northeastern zone.


  • Educate over 120,000 boys and girls with the Pequeñ@s Ciudadan@s platform
  • To be recognized as leaders in the field of infant citizen participation and
  • Culture of Lawfulness.
  • Replicate the work scheme in different states in Mexico and in other countries.
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