MILLPORT, ALABAMA – Steel Dust Recycling (SDR) a major EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) Dust recycler in the American Continent, announced today that the company is undergoing an expansion with the addition of a third Waelz Kiln. Kiln #3 will be able to process an additional 110,000 tons per year of EAF Dust at its Millport, Alabama location. The expansion is to be finalized by July of 2016.

The company currently has a capacity to process over 230,000 tpy of EAF Dust into Waelz Zinc Oxide and the expansion will increase the capacity by almost 50% to a total of 340,000 tpy. This additional kiln will enable SDR to increase its production of Waelz Zinc Oxide which is converted into zinc oxide, zinc sulfate and SHG zinc metal.

The flexibility provided by having the third Waelz Kiln to process EAF Dust within the same facility, allows Steel Dust Recycling to provide more processing capacity for new steel mills and a better service to our many existing Steel Mill Customers.

Steel Dust Recycling has a 9 year history in the treatment for recovery and recycling of EAF Dust and our location is well set up geographically to service all the Steel Industry in North America.

SDR is part of Zinc Nacional that was founded in 1952. The Company’s main products are Zinc Oxide and Zinc Sulfate produced under ISO9001-2008 certifications. It is part of Grupo Promax, which also manufactures and distributes, paper, wall plaster, industrial gypsum and drywall building products in North America.


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